Sending Electronic Party Booking Invitations

Aluvii allows you to send electronic Party Invitations to the party guests when your customers book a party. This feature requires that you have an email template setup for it to work. Here's how to do it:

Setting up the E-Invitation Template

  1. Navigate to Administration > Email > Email Configuration Type. Find the Email configuration Type called E-Invitation Email RSVP Notification. Open it to edit. Booking_eInvite_01.png
  2. Then, follow the settings on this section and click on Next to create or edit the Email Template. You shouldn't need to modify any of the settings other than step 2 with the template. Booking_eInvite_02.png
  3. Now, write your desired email template. Below is an example you can use. click Save to complete. There are limited placeholders that you can use, and those options are shown below in the example. 
    Template Name: E-Invitation Email RSVP Notification
    Template Subject: You're Invited!

    Template Message Content:




    You're invited to a birthday party [[Event Title]] on [[Event Date Schedule]]. Use this link to RSVP: [[Event RSVP Link]].


    Thank you,

    (Your Company Name)


    Note: You can always add more info to this template. Some include the link to their party waivers in the template if they have one. Some other ideas are to include policies or reminders in the template. Invitees will be sent this template email, so anything you want them to know should be in this email.

Sending the E-Invitation via Bookings

  1. Begin by searching and opening the event booking in the Bookings module.Booking_eInvite_1.png
  2. Then, click on the More tab and then choose the Invitation tab along the left.Booking_eInvite_2.png

  3. Now to send the invitation, click on the +New Invitation option. You can also edit the name of the event. Something like "Robert's Birthday Party". The invitees will see this title on the invite. Booking_eInvite_3.png

  4. After that, your party guest will receive an email invitation. An RSVP link will be provided in the email so they can click on it. Here's an example of what it looks like when you include the waiver link in the template.Booking_eInvite_5.png
  5. When the guest clicks on the RSVP link, they will be routed to a page so they can choose an option to attend the party or not. Booking_eInvite_6.png
  6. Once guests select an option, you will be able to see the status of the invitations sent when you refresh the Bookings page.Booking_eInvite_7.png
  7. Finally, to manage the booking, you can go to the Guest List section where it will auto-populate according to the invites you sent. You can check-in the guests and attach their waivers on this page.Booking_eInvite_8.png

Do you want your customers to send their own party invites to their party guests? Check out our article on how to send Electronic Party Invites via Guest Portal. Click Here.





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