Troubleshooting Missing Customer Waiver

If you are unable to locate the waiver for a customer, try these troubleshooting steps:

  1. First, if you are using Guest Management to check that your guests have signed the waiver, make sure that they do not have multiple accounts. You might be checking the wrong account. Missing_Waiver_1.pngNOTE: To avoid confusion, it is advised to merge these accounts and have the customer decide on which account details to retain and which one should be discarded. Click here to know more about merging accounts.-
  2. Now, there are special cases in Guest Management where a guest is under multiple account holders. One possible scenario is that it could be that the father and mother have each separate accounts, and the child is both added under those accounts. If that's the case, make sure to check the correct account for the waiver.Missing_Waiver_2.png-
  3. It is also possible that your customers signed the wrong waiver if you have multiple waiver templates. Sometimes, your waiver for sessions is different from the waiver you use for parties. You check this under Waiver Management.Missing_Waiver_3.png-
  4. After that, you can check the settings of your product or event to see which waiver is required. In this example, the session product requires your customer to sign the "Animal Experience Waiver".Missing_Waiver_5.png-
  5. If that's the case, check Waiver Management > Signed Waivers, and see if the customer indeed signed the correct waiver that you require. Missing_Waiver_4.pngIn this case, the customer signed the "General Waiver" instead of the "Animal Experience Waiver". When this happens, you will not be able to search for the waiver to attach to your session.-
  6. Finally, if you have a waiver station or you provide a link to your customer to access the online waiver, make sure to have the correct URL for the proper waiver to be signed. Missing_Waiver_6.pngYou can launch the selected waiver form in Waiver Management. From there, you can get the link to the proper waiver to be signed.
  7. Missing_Waiver_7.png 
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