Attaching secondary ticket to eCommerce ticket products

The most common way to validate your customers for admission is by scanning their tickets. It's also possible for your customers to buy tickets online and print their tickets from a PDF at home to bring as their access ticket. Even though they have a paper ticket voucher, you may still require all customers to have a wristband to enter. Aluvii has an easy way to quickly print wristbands (or other ticket formats) for your customers using their online PDF ticket. 

  1. To begin, make sure you already know how to set up a ticketed product in eCommerce. If not, click here to learn more about how to set up a ticketed product in eCommerce.Secondary_Ticket_eCommerce_1.png

  2. Now, since your eCommerce product uses a ticket type in the settings, take note of the Ticket Type name for the next step.Secondary_Ticket_eCommerce_2.png

  3. Next, go to the Ticketing module and check the name of the Ticket Template that your wristband printer is using.Secondary_Ticket_eCommerce_3.png

  4. Go back to the Ticket Type section and edit the ticket type that your eCommerce product is using. Set the Secondary Ticket Template to be the wristband ticket template, and save it. In this case, the primary template tied to this ticket type will be the PDF template, and the secondary template will be the wristband template. Secondary_Ticket_eCommerce_4.png

  5. Finally, every time your customer purchases an online ticket, you can consume or scan the primary ticket (which in this example is the pdf ticket) in Will Call, and right there and then, you can also print the wristband ticket by clicking Print Secondary Template.Secondary_Ticket_eCommerce_5.png

  6. Another way to do this, is to go to the Print tab in Will Call module. When you scan a PDF ticket barcode here into this print field, if the ticket has a secondary ticket template assigned, it will automatically print the ticket using the secondary template--in this example, the wristband. 

Note: This also works for ski resorts who want to sell tickets online, but then print lift passes for customers when they arrive. 



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