Attaching Ticket to eCommerce Products

We have discussed in a separate article how your customers buy tickets from your eCommerce website. Click this link to read it. This article will teach you how to make your ecommerce products ticketed:

  1. First and foremost, we assume that you already know how to set up a Ticket Type that uses a PDF Ticket Template in the Ticketing module. If not, read this article about Creating / Editing Ticket Templates and Creating / Editing Ticket Types.eCommerce_Ticket_1.png

  2. Also, we assume that you already set up your eCommerce product. If not, click here to know more on how to add products to your eCommerce page.eCommerce_Ticket_2.png

  3. Now, open your eCommerce "edit product" window. Set the Digital Product Type to "Ticket" and assign the pdf ticket type you created in the Digital Product section. Take note of the underlying product for the next step.eCommerce_Ticket_3.png

  4. After that, make sure that the underlying product of your eCommerce product is also using the same Ticket Type. You can check the settings in Register Management > Products section. eCommerce_Ticket_4.png
    For Sales Reporting purposes, you may need to create a separate product for the eCommerce product than the one you sell in the Employees Register. Another reason is if you want a different ticket template to print online than in your register.

  5. Finally, when customers buy this product from your website, they will automatically receive a downloaded PDF Ticket after the transaction. This ticket is also emailed to them as an attachment in the confirmation email receipt. They will present this ticket at the entrance when they arrive on-site for an employee to scan the ticket for validation.eCommerce_Ticket_5.png

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