Adding Variant Group Products in eCommerce

This article shows how to sell your variant group products on the ecommerce webstore? Here's how to do it:

  1. First, we assume that you already created this product variant group in the Register Management. If not, click here to learn more about how to create variant groups.

  2. To sell the variant group product online with all its variants, you just need to create a single ecommerce product in the eCommerce > Products page and give it a name. In this example, the ecommerce product is called "Hoodie."eCommerce_Variant_1.png

  3. Then, when setting up the ecommerce product, set the Product Type to "Variant Group" and set the underlying Product to the variant group you created in Register Management > Product > Variant Groups. In this example, the Variant Group is called Hoodie.eCommerce_Variant_2.png

  4. Products with multiple variants are usually physical items. Make sure that you enable the Physical Product and Enable Shipping feature, so you can have them ship to your customers if they purchase from the webstore. Click here to know more about the eCommerce shipping feature.eCommerce_Variant_3.png

  5. Enter the description of the product, along with the variants of the product, and click on the Save button to proceed.eCommerce_Variant_4.png

  6. Once the eCommerce product is created, you can edit the variant product settings in the bottom section of the ecommerce product settings, where you can set the Sale Price, Out of Stock units, set custom images, and all other settings. The default images and settings come from the ecommerce product created earlier, but if you want to change it for the individual variants, this is possible.eCommerce_Variant_5.png Creating an ecommerce product from a variant group will also create a new ecommerce product for each variant, but they are hidden by default. Another way to manage each variant product individually for online sale, you can go to the ecommerce products list and check the box at the top for "Show variant group products" and you can edit the individual product variants that way.eCommerce_Variant_6.png

  7. Finally, you can do a test on the webstore by finding the ecommerce product and you'll see the variants each listed in a dropdown. In this example, you can select a color and a size. If it is inventoried, it will track inventory properly depending on the variants selected.  eCommerce_Variant_7.pngBy choosing the variant, you will also see the image change according to the variant you want to purchase. eCommerce_Variant_8.pngIf you wish to enable the inventory on these variants, click here to learn more about how to set up the inventory on these product variants.


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