Basic Troubleshooting for Cash Drawers

The following steps will help you troubleshoot cash drawers. Follow the steps in the order shown below to help you identify the hardware issue:


1. Check the Printer First

It is likely that your cash drawer connects directly to the receipt printer. The most common cause that drawers don't work is if there's NO PAPER FEED on the printer or there's a PAPER JAM. Resolving this printer issue will most likely resolve the drawer issue. Remember, If there's an error on your printer, the drawer will also not work. Including if the receipt printer is powered off.


2. Check the Power

If your cash drawer requires power check that the power cable is secure and plugged in.  Some cash drawers have a green light that indicates if it is powered on.  This is usually located on the back of the cash drawer.


3. Check the Connection

  • If the connection is a direct serial connection to the computer check that the plug is flush with the port.
  • If the connection is a RJ11 wire (looks like a phone cord) connected to a receipt printer first check the receipt printer for any errors. (click here to know more about the basic hardware troubleshooting).  Then check that the RJ11 wire is securely connected to both the cash drawer and the receipt printer. Loose connection cables can cause it to not work. Replacing the cable might be necessary if it's not connecting properly or snapping into place.

4. Test Hardware Using OPOS Utility

Depending on the printer you are using, the setup utility tool can be different. Below are the common OPOS Utility apps that are used by supported Aluvii devices. Here's how to check if your drawer is indeed working using the OPOS Utility tool.

In Epson OPOS ADK SetupPOS - choose “Check Health Interactive” under the Cash Drawer settings. Then click "Start" to proceed to the test method.



In OLE SetupPOS for POS-X Printers - choose “StandardU” under the Cash Drawer settings. Then click "Device Details". On the next screen, click on "Printer Test and Settings" and then, on the next screen, click on "Printer Test". POSX_Cash_Drawer_Test.png


In Easyset OPOS for POSBank devices - Select the device you wish to test then click on Device Setup. This will open the following window.  Click “Printer Test” to test opening the cash drawer via the receipt printer.

EasySet OPOS device setup.png


In MMF configuration tool - click the buttons in the order listed in the picture to test the opening of the cash drawer.  The cash drawer should open after hitting button 2, button 3 is used to close control to the cash drawer.  If button 3 is not pressed and the application is closed, you may need to restart your computer to gain control of your cash drawer again.



5. Refresh Aluvii Hardware Management Portal Settings

Launch this page by right-clicking on the Aluvii icon in your taskbar app tray and clicking on Open Management Portal option. You will then be asked to log in to this page. Use the same email and password you use to login into the Aluvii employee portal.


After that, click on the hamburger icon for the Settings, and click on the Devices tab. Click on the Refresh Devices option to make sure that your cash drawer gets detected. You can also do a test to check if it opens.Cash_Drawer_Management_Portal.png


6. Then, go back to the Aluvii employee portal and click on the user profile in the upper right corner. Click on the Refresh Hardware Profile option to make sure that you have the latest hardware settings saved.Basic_Hardware_Troubleshooting_5.png


7. Finally, you can test the drawer opening from Aluvii by going to the Employee Register module and click on the cash drawer icon to see if it opens the drawer. Cash_Drawer_Troubleshooting.pngIf none of the above worked, there may be something else causing your hardware to fail, please reach out to Aluvii Support if it still doesn't work. 



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