Suspending Membership Payment Plan Billing Date

When you sell a membership on a payment plan, it sets the future payments to bill on scheduled dates. Sometimes the customer requests a pause in their billings. There is a way to change the next bill date directly from the employee portal. Here's how to do it:

  1. First, confirm that the customer has a payment plan under their account in Guest Management. The membership will show a credit card icon, or you can check the "Pay Plan" tab on the account. If you don't know how payment plans feature works, click here to learn more about payment plans.Suspend_Membership_1.png

  2. Next, go to Administration > Scheduled Jobs section and search for the customer's name. Once you find the next scheduled job/payment, you can double click the record to make an edit.Suspend_Membership_2.png

  3. Then, you can change the Payment Date from the popup window. For example, if the next payment date is scheduled for 05/23/2022, and you want to skip that payment and move it back 1 month, set the date to 06/23/2022. Click Save to proceed with the changes.Suspend_Membership_3.png

  4. After that, you will see that the next payment date has been updated.Suspend_Membership_4.png

  5. To confirm, go back to the Guest Management > Pay Plan tab, and check the History of the payment plan on the account. The payment date and scheduled date should both be updated on this page.Suspend_Membership_5.png

  6. Finally, some businesses don't want their customers to be able to use the membership during the suspension time period. If that's the case, you can just leave the expiration date of the membership the same. When the membership expires, it will remove from the account, but the membership will automatically re-activate once the payment plan resumes and the next charge is successful. Otherwise, you can adjust the end time of the membership package to the day before the payment date schedule if you want the membership to still be used during the suspension period. Suspend_Membership_6.pngSuspend_Membership_7.png

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