Using Price Adjustment in eCommerce

You can now apply price adjustments to eCommerce products sold online. This feature also supports session products where the price adjustment considers the date and time of the session slot selected. Here's how to set it up:

  1. Check the ecommerce product setting on the eCommerce module and Products tab. Check the underlying product of the eCommerce product for the next step. If you are not familiar with this setting, click here to know more about creating/editing eCommerce products.eCommerce_Price_Adjustment_1.png

  2. Next, navigate to Register Management module to edit the underlying product. Add the price adjustment details in the Pricing tab of the product setting and click Save. Click here to learn more about price adjustments.eCommerce_Price_Adjustment_2.png

  3. Once the price adjustments are in place for certain date and time ranges, when you sell the product in the web store online, it will automatically update the price according to the price adjustment you set on the underlying product. For session products, the price will vary according to the date and time the customer selects. In this example below, the session date is April 30, which falls on a Saturday, hence the price has an additional 10 dollars because the price adjustment increases price by $10 on Saturdays.eCommerce_Price_Adjustment_3.png

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