Using Till Count Calculator When Creating Tills

When creating tills, you can enable a till count calculator to help count the beginning balance. This is similar to the calculator when closing a till. Here's how to do it:

  1. To begin, go to Cash Control > Administration > Manage Till Types tab. On that page, click on the + Add New Type button, and fill in the Till Type and Description field. If there is already a Till Type there, you don't need to create a new one; you can just edit the existing Till Type.Till_Type_Calculator_1.png

  2. Then, click on the Use Calculator on Creation checkbox and Active checkbox to enable the calculator function, and then click on the Update button to save changes.Till_Type_Calculator_2.png

  3. After that, you will see the newly created till type on the screen, You can click on the Edit option if you want to edit the settings of that till type. Till_Type_Calculator_3.pngNOTE: There is another till type that was created called "Default" where the till count calculator is not enabled. You can just edit this Till Type if you want to use the till calculator when creating a till using this type.

  4. To use the till type you created, go to the Open Tills tab and select the Create Till option under the select option menu. If you are not familiar with creating new tills, click here to know more.Till_Type_Calculator_4.png

  5. Now, choose the Till Type you created with the till calculator option, and a denomination form will appear at the bottom of the page.Till_Type_Calculator_5.png

  6. Next, edit the quantity of the denomination according to the cash you have, and notice that it will automatically update the Initial Value above.Till_Type_Calculator_6.png

  7. Finally, fill in the remaining requirements to create a till, and click on Save & Create till.Till_Type_Calculator_7.png

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