Partial Refund for Event Bookings

Sometimes you need to refund a partial amount from a payment made on a booking. Here's to do it:

  1. First, you can offer your customer a store credit in lieu of a booking refund. This way, they can use it to pay for future bookings or purchase products in the system. Otherwise, go ahead and search for their party bookings in the Bookings module.Event_Refund_1.png

  2. After opening the customer party booking, click on the Payment tab to view the customer's payment.Event_Refund_2.png

  3. It is possible that the customer may have used multiple methods of payment (i.e., Cash, Credit). So for partial payment, choose the payment with the method you want to partially refund. In this example, the customer wants the amount returned to their credit card, so we choose the electronic payment type.Event_Refund_3.png

  4. Click on the Return button and a pop-up window will appear. By default, the full amount will be provided by the system. You can adjust the value that is shown in the input field to be any custom refund amount that is equal to or less than the payment amount. In this example, we'll refund just $50 dollars on the credit card.Event_Refund_4.png

  5. Once you click Confirm, a message will appear to indicate that the process is successful. Event_Refund_5.pngNOTE: If there's an error after doing this process, there might be something wrong with the customer's card or bank account. We suggest you contact Cardknox Support for further assistance. 

  6. Finally, to check, you will see that the refunded amount will now reflect on the payment page of the event booking.Event_Refund_6.png

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