Creating / Editing Booking Invoice Templates

The Aluvii booking module can generate an invoice containing information about the booking. You can customize various parts of the invoice according to what you need. Here's how to do it:

  1. First, go to Event Management > Other Settings > Invoice tab. On that page, you can either create a new invoice template by clicking on Select Option > Add Invoice or highlighting an existing invoice template and choosing Edit Invoice.

  2. Next, a window will pop up and will show the following option for your invoice template:

    • Invoice Name - Set the title of your invoice template here. In this example, we name the invoice template "Default Invoice".
    • Pay To - This is who the invoice is being paid to. That's typically your business name in this section.
    • Show Gratuity Line - Check this box if you want to show the gratuity or tip line in the invoice.
    • Show Signature Line - Check this box if you want to show the customer signature line in the invoice.
    • Show Customer Address - Check this box if you want to show the customer address populated from the guest account.
    • Include Customer Account Name - Check this box if you want to show the customer account name that is tied to the booking.
    • Invoice Notes - type custom text here if you want to include messages or remarks on every invoice. Something like "Thanks for your business!"
    • Invoice Logo - Upload your company logo using the upload option.
    • Save - Click this option to save the changes in the template.
  3. To apply the invoice to your bookings, go to each of your event Assignments and make sure that you set the invoice template you created in the Invoice dropdown. Click on Save to make sure the new settings apply. Click here to learn more about how event assignments work.

  4. For additional notes you wanted to include in relative to a booked event, you can include the notes in the Booking Invoice Notes section of the Booking Data page of a booked event. Once you are done including the notes needed, don't forget to click on Save Data to proceed.

  5. To download the booking invoice using the template you just created or customized, open the booked event, click on the settings icon, and click on the Download Invoice option.

  6. Finally, here's what the invoice template looks like with the settings shown in step #2.

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