Selling Bundled Memberships on eCommerce

Aluvii allows the grouping of membership packages to be sold online. This is often used in selling Family Passes or bundles. Here's how to do it:

  1. In this example, we're going to assume you have an individual annual pass that you sell for $100 and it is already setup as a membership package. But for this example, we'll bundle 3 of these into a group and charge $249 for the grouped memberships. 

  2. To start, go to Register Management > Products > Product Groups and create a grouped product on that page. In this example, your individual annual pass is $100 and you're going to sell this bundled membership for $249. Click here to learn more about product groups. Unit per Issue is set to "1" since you will be selling these products as one group.

  3. After setting the price, scroll down the page and click Add Membership button and add the membership product you wanted to sell with the corresponding Quantity. In this example, the quantity is set to "3" since you are selling it to 3 members under one family account. This step is crucial to making this work properly. Click Save to proceed.

  4. Next, go to eCommerce > Products and create the ecommerce product for the family pass. Make sure that you point the underlying product to the product group you just created. The product type would be "group". Click here if you want to learn more about adding products in eCommerce.

  5. Once the grouping is set up in this way, when this product is sold online, your customer will be able to assign each of the three memberships to one of the guests from their account, and that membership will be assigned to the proper person on the account.

  6. If you wish to enable the auto-renewal on your membership, make sure that you enable that function on each of the members. Otherwise, click on the Continue Checkout button to proceed.

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