Creating/Editing Ticket Types

After creating a ticket template, you can create the ticket type.  The ticket type defines the dates valid, ticket name, time restrictions by time and day of the week, what entitlements and scan quantities the ticket is valid for, etc.  When a product that is tied to a ticket is sold, these rules apply to the ticket. A lot of the placeholders in the template come from the ticket type fields.

1. To create or edit a ticket type, select the Ticket Types tab in the Ticketing module.  Select Add Ticket Type from the list of options in the drop-down.  


2. Fill in the Ticket Type Name, Valid Ticket Starting, Valid Ticket Ending, Expiration Type, Quantity Days After First Scan, Type Description, Ticket Notes, and Ticket Template(s).  Click Next.


3.  Select Entrance Entitlements that the ticket is valid for. More than one entitlement can be selected.  You can also remove entitlements from the list of selected entitlements.


4. After selecting Add Entrance Entitlement, the entitlement options will display.  Click on the name of the entitlement.  Repeat this step to add more entitlements to the ticket type. If you don't see an entitlement you want, you'll need to create a new one from the Membership Packages activity. Click here to learn more about adding entitlements.


5. This is the step in the ticket type setup where it can get complex.  For each entitlement, select the group, inner group condition, and quantity. Then click Next.

  • Group - Select from a drop-down list of letters.  The specific letter assigned to a group is not significant; assigning a letter is just a way of defining whether or not an entitlement is in the same group or a different group from another entitlement.
  • Inner Group Condition - This is irrelevant if you only have 1 entitlement in that group.  This is best illustrated with examples.

        ex. Select "And" if you want the ticket to be valid for 2 Lehi Admissions and 1 Tube Rental SLC when both entitlements are in Group A.

       ex. Select "Or" if you want the ticket to be valid for 2 Lehi Admission or 1 Tube Rental SLC when both entitlements are in Group A.

  • Quantity - The number of times a particular entitlement can be consumed/scanned in access control. So if it’s set to 1, then it can only be scanned once ever.
  • Scans Per Day - The use for this is let’s say you want 5 total scans, but only allow it to be scanned once per day. So in that case, you could scan it only once per day for 5 different days. 



6. This step also adds a layer of complexity to the ticket type setup.  In this step, you will define the relationship between different groups such as A and B.  Also, you can set a price allocation for each group. The price allocation is for reporting and doesn't define the price. This is the value of the ticket. Click Next.


7.  This step is optional.  You can select specific days of the week when the ticket is valid.  Uncheck any days when the ticket is not valid. You can also set a start time and end time for when the ticket can scan on a given day. For example, a half-day ticket can be set up to only scan during valid hours 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm. Once complete, click Submit


This ticket type is now ready to be assigned to products in the product setup or printed in a ticket group.


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