Bulk Upload Vouchers

Assigning voucher numbers to a voucher package can be done in two ways.  The method outlined in this article is used when you have a list of voucher numbers given to you by a third-party retailer such as Groupon or Living Social. This is the method that is shown below.  The other way is to generate unique voucher numbers within Aluvii, which is outlined here.

1.  Download the list of voucher numbers from Groupon, Living Social, or any other third party. 

2.  Put the voucher numbers in a spreadsheet where the voucher numbers are in column one starting on row one.


3.  Navigate to the Guest Portal Management activity.  Click on the vouchers tab, then click "Bulk Upload Vouchers" from the drop-down.  


4.  Fill in the following information on the form. 

  • Upload Name:  Give the upload a name.
  • Voucher Package: This is where you assign the voucher package that you created in the previous steps.  This is what drives what entitlement the customer will get with that voucher number. 
  • Sales Date of Vouchers: This is where you can upload the date when the vouchers are sold.  This is important if you are starting the membership based on the purchase date of the vouchers. 
  • Column with Vouchers:  Put the column that the voucher codes are in.  In our example the voucher codes are in column A.
  • Starting Row of Vouchers:  If you spreadsheet doesn't have a header then put 1 in this field. 
  • Browse:  Browse to the spreadsheet that was created with the voucher codes.
  • Click next.



5.  Review the information to make sure it is correct and click submit. 


6.  The voucher codes are now uploaded into Aluvii and can be redeemed when the customer goes online to redeem through the customer portal or when they bring the voucher in the employee can redeem the voucher for them.  For more info on how a customer can redeem a voucher click here

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