Scanning Barcodes

To validate or consume a ticket or membership, it must have a valid barcode. The following steps explain how to scan a barcode:

1. Click on the Access Control module from the menu. Once in Access Control, select the Access Type from the dropdown. This will show all active, non-deleted entrance entitlements from the system. Click here to read more about creating entrance entitlements.


2. Once you've selected the entrance entitlement to scan for, place the cursor into the barcode field, and scan the barcode using a scanner. The barcode number can also be manually typed into the field. 


3. Barcode scanners can be programmed to add a carriage return after scanning. If that's the case, the barcode will be automatically be validated by Aluvii. If not, you'll have to click the Scan button or manually press Enter on the keyboard. You will see the appropriate message for the validation.


4. Sometimes a ticket or membership doesn't have a barcode, or some other reason why the entitlement can't be validated using a barcode. In these cases, the user can click the Manual Approval button and manually consume the selected entitlement. This is typically used for tracking gate counts, equivalent to holding a hand-held clicker. Manual approvals will display in the Gate Count Report.



For a detailed explanation of each scan message, click here




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