Setting Up Inventory Sites

An "inventory site" is a place in your business where inventory is kept. For example, you might have an inventory site for the warehouse, in the back kitchen, and in the gift shop. These are all places to keep inventory. An inventory associated with a normal site with Aluvii, you just need to designate the site as a place you'll be storing inventory. 

To learn how to set up an inventory site, follow these steps:

1. Go to the Inventory Management activity in the sidebar menu. If you don't see it, remember that you may need to be granted permissions from HR.

2. Click on the Setup & Configure tab along the top. Then click on the sidebar option called Site Setup. 

3. Here you'll see a list of sites that have already been setup. To designate a site as an Inventory Site, check the box under the Active column.


4. Once the site is checked active, it is now setup as an inventory site and inventory can be stored and sold from here. 

Note: You'll want to make sure your registers have the correct inventory site assigned to them in the Edit Register page. That way when you sell products from a register, the inventory is getting pulled from the correct inventory site. 




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