Release 1.17.3

Release #:  1.17.3

Release Date:  5/23/2017

This code release includes many new features, bug fixes, and performance enhancements. Keep reading to learn more about this release.

What's New?

  • Inventory Management
    • We're excited to release our new Inventory Management module! To learn more, click here.


  • Print tickets using a thermal receipt printer. (Read more about ticket templates)
  • Edit the source HTML on PDF ticket templates
  • New button to view test prints for PDF ticket templates
  • Game card validation and improvements. (Read more about game cards in Aluvii)
    • Arcade card number shows up on receipt
    • Account for cash and bonus values
    • Tool to quickly check API connectivity in Arcade Management
    • Validation on valid and inactive cards
    • Prevents transactions to complete and shows error message if cards don't posted to Embed.
    • Added Card History functionality
    • Added Pending Card functionality
  • In Access Control, Show History window now has date ranges to see all scans
  • Ecommerce now calculates location-based tax on products
  • New reports (Check the reports page to see all reports)
    • Guest Account Report - Shows all account data
    • Guest Report - Shows all guest data
    • Guest Membership Report - Shows all Membership data for guests
  • Transaction Summary report now has a source filter
  • Member portal data editing restrictions (Read more about configuring the member portal)
    • Limit how often guests can change their own image
    • Restrict guests from editing their 
  • Returns information is added to receipts after returns are processed
  • Direct membership card download was added to barcodes tab for guest accounts
  • Visual enhancements made throughout various modules

Bug Fixes

  • Display receipt now works on ecommerce
  • Waivers breaking from two spaces in a row on address field
  • HR Management employee grid shows deleted records
  • Changed minimum characters for employee last names to 2
  • Ticket expiration placeholder not showing correct value
  • Modifiers with dollar value not being taxed
  • Gift cards containing two question marks not adding to cart
  • Other minor bug fixes throughout



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