Editing a Booked Party or Event

Sometimes customers request a change of date, time, venue, or party package for their booked party. Here's how to make changes: 

  1. First, search for the customer booking in the Bookings module and click the View button to drill into the booking. If you are not familiar with this process, check out our article on how to search or find bookings.

  2. Then, it will show you the Booking Details tab by default. Click the Edit button to proceed.

  3. After that, you can navigate to the date picker if you wish to change the date of the booking. In the section below that, you can also choose which site and time if you wish to change one of those fields. And on the bottom section, you can also change the number of attendees if you wish to change that.

  4. If that is the only change you need, skip the process below and proceed to step #6. However, if you wish to also change the package, click on the Category tab and select which party you wish to change it to. Note that If the party package you need is not on that page, make sure to choose the correct category in the Select a Category drop-down list.
    Editing_a_Booked_Party_4.pngIMPORTANT NOTE: There are times that your selected package is using the same venue (Event Assignment) as your current booked package. In that case, you will see that your time slot will show "IN USE" because it's being blocked by this existing booking. The workaround for this is to select a future date and different venue, then save it. This will free up the time slot you need, and you should be able to select the time again when you edit back your booking to the correct date and time.

  5. Now that you have selected a new package, you will need to choose which date, venue, time, and number of attendees again.

  6. Next, click on the Booking Data tab, and a message will pop up to tell you that you have made changes to the details of the booking. Click on the Yes button to proceed, otherwise click on cancel to abort the changes.

  7. To check, click the Go Back to Bookings button and you should see that the event details have now been changed.

  8. For all other changes like in Booking Data, edit those forms and click on the Save button at the top of the page to make sure that these changes have been saved.

  9. This is also applicable in changes like additional upsells in the Customizations tab for the booking,

  10. Finally, if you need a custom date and time that is not covered by your normal schedule, and especially if your party or event is a waterfall setup, contact Aluvii Support for assistance.

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