Selling Session Products in a Product Group on Employee Register

You may want to sell more than 1 session product with the same or different schedule in a group in the Employees Register. For example, you wanted to sell one (1) adult and one (1) child session in the same grouped product as a "Parent-Child Combo". Here's how to do it:

  1. Before we begin, we assume that you already know how to set up a session product. If not, click here to learn more about session products.

  2. To start, choose which session products you want to include in the Product Group. In this example, we only choose two (2) but you can include more session products if you want.

  3. Then, create that product group in Register Management > Products > Product Groups page. Click here to learn more about how to create Group Products.

  4. Now, add the two (2) session products and set each quantity to one (1). Important Note: Both the product must have the same quantity for it to work. 

  5. Next, set the revenue allocation percentage for each product and must have a total of 100% allocated. In this example, the revenue sharing is 50% on each product. This revenue allocation is for reporting purposes. 

  6. After that, set the tax option and click Save to proceed.

  7. Go ahead and sell the product group you just created in the Employees Register. In this example, since the two (2) sessions have different schedules, you get to pick first the schedule you want to book on the first session, the quantity and set the guest name.

  8. Then, click next to pick the schedule you want to book for the second session, and set the guest name. Click the Finish button to proceed.

  9. Finally, collect the payment and complete the transaction just like you normally process a sale in the Employees Register.

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