This article explains how to perform refunds/returns of products or services sold through Aluvii.

1. To return any products besides guest memberships and membership account perks, select the Returns Icon on the bottom of the employee register.  Click here for information on Membership returns.


2. All non-membership transactions appear in the Returns table. You can search or filter by any of the columns. Once you locate the transaction, click Return.  This is also where you would reprint a receipt.  If you want to do this, select Receipt.


3. After that, the transaction detail will display. Enter the Qty to Return by each product that you want to refund.  Then click on the bar next to the payment to highlight the payment. (The reason that you need to select the payment(s) is that there may be more than one payment type.) Then click Refund.


NOTE: If you want to do a PARTIAL REFUND OF A WHOLE PRODUCT UNIT, you can select which item to return from the item list. Just make sure NOT TO CHANGE THE REFUND AMOUNT to avoid conflict on your financial report. The sales (credits) need to balance the payments (debits), so if you return a whole unit (sale) of a transaction, but refund (payment) less than a whole unit in money, the sales will not match the payments in the reports.  If you must perform a partial refund of less than the full price, perform the refund by adjusting the refund amount, and email, and we can fix it in the database.


NOTE: You will not be able to return a quantity greater than the quantity sold.


NOTE: For transactions with more than one payment type, also known as a split payment. You may only refund to one payment type per refund process.Return-Refund-P1.pngIf you wish to refund the other payment type as well, repeat steps 1 to 3, and choose the other payment type after you are done with the first payment type.Return-Refund-P2.png

NOTE:  If you are refunding an electronic payment, the box shown below will pop up.  For cash transactions, this box does not appear.

4. Click Submit. Do not type anything in the cash received box since you are not taking cash from the guest. 

5. After the transaction has been refunded, the Qty Refunded will show the number refunded and the total value to be returned will be $0 if the full transaction was refunded.



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