Buying Session Products

Through Aluvii, it is possible for your guests to purchase session tickets from your online store. It works in much the same way as purchasing tickets or items, with just a few extra steps.

1. Go to your online store portal in a web browser.


2. Click on Shop All Products.

3. Select the appropriate category for your session. To learn how to add categories and products to your website, click here and here.


4. Click on Add To Cart for your desired session.


5. Select the date of your desired session. A full list of availability, as well as the number of slots available will be shown. Click on the desired time, and select how many people you wish to attend the session.


6. The Add to Cart button will appear once all the information has been added. Click on Add to Cart if everything is correct.


The cart will now show that your sessions are in the cart. You will also see a timer at the top. When you add a session to your cart, it automatically reserves your time slots for the amount of time shown. You must complete your order within this given time, or the order will be canceled. Once the transaction has been completed, your reservation will be made permanent.

7. Click on Checkout.


8. This will display your full shopping cart. Click on Checkout.


9. You will be prompted to select whether you have a membership account, or wish to checkout as a guest. Select the one that is most relevant. If you have a membership account, you will be prompted to log in. If you select guest checkout, you will be prompted to fill in your details.


10. Enter your payment information and click on Submit. A confirmation email will be sent to you. If you have a membership account, your purchase will show under your account as well.

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