Using the Self-Service Kiosk

The self-service kiosk is designed to be used on a large touchscreen display mounted in portrait orientation. It can be used for selling food items, admission products, and signing waivers. Because this module uses the latest web technologies, it is optimized to work on any web-enabled device. This includes your own computers or touchscreen display, a purpose-built kiosk sourced by Aluvii, or the customers' own device including their mobile phones.

Preparing to Use the Kiosk

To ensure you have the best experience using the kiosk, be sure to use the following recommendations.

  • Use Google Chrome browser.
  • Kiosk screens are best suited for be portrait orientation, although landscape will work.
  • Put your computer in "kiosk mode" with full screen so your guests don't redirect to other websites. When using Windows, you can hit F11 key to enable this.
  • Use hardwired internet to ensure speed and reliability
  • Hide all wiring and switches to prevent tampering by customers.
  • Disinfect and clean screens regularly to prevent spread of germs.

Using the Self-Service Kiosk

1. Once you're ready to start, launch the kiosk module. The URL should be [[company]][[registerID]] - note that [[company]] will be your organization name assigned by Aluvii (same as employee porta), and the [[registerID]] is the ID of the register found in the Register Management where you have configured the kiosk. If your self-serve kiosk has not been set up, an error message will show. To learn how to set up a self-serve kiosk, click here.


2. When the kiosk is idle, the landing image will show. This image is custom designed how you want.


3. Tap the screen to begin the order and view items for sale. The customer can tap each of the products they wish to purchase, which will be added to the cart. They can also tab to different categories to see different products. 


4. Once they have added all of their desired products, tap Checkout. Make any needed edits, then tap Order Now.


5. Fill out the field in the Info tab. The information filled out in this field can be sent to the kitchen screen if the register is configured to do so. Also, the label of this field can be modified in the kiosk settings. Click Next when ready.


6. Select payment option and proceed to swipe or enter payment. 


7. Once the payment has processed, it will ask for the form of receipt, followed by the confirmation text set in the kiosk settings.

8. If configured, the order will be sent to the kitchen register display and kiosk screen will redirect back to to the landing page. To learn how to use the kitchen register, click here.

9. Transactions processed from the kiosk will flow through Aluvii the same way all other transactions do throughout the system. For example, if the product is a ticketed item, those tickets will show in Will Call. Also, sessions will show in the Will Call sessions area. In addition, when ticketed products are purchased from the self-service kiosk, the customer will receive the tickets attached in the automated email receipt. If you want to look up a transaction or return payment, you can find the transaction in the returns screen of the employee register. 

Pay with Cash at Counter: If a customer uses the option to pay with cash at counter, this will allow the customer to proceed to the end, but the transaction itself will not be marked as completed yet. It will be stored in the "saved transactions" screen to be completed by an employee. To find this screen, there is an icon in the top header of Aluvii for saved transactions. From here you can load the transaction into the register and complete the sale like normal using any form of payment. 



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