Adding a Product to a Register

After you have created your products, you can have them added to your registers. 

Note: Click here to learn how to add a register. Click here to learn how to create a product. 


To add a product to the register:

1. Go to Register Management activity. 



2. By default, you will be in the Registers tab, Registers sub-tab. This is where you'll find all the registers you have created. Select the register you want to add a product(s) to and select the Edit Register option as shown below. You also have the option to edit a register by simply double-clicking on that specific register. 



3. Fill out all the details for your Register. 



4. Add the category of the product you want to add. 



5. Add the product and save it.

   The Kitchen Register option allows you to display the product on a screen for the cooks.

For more information on Kitchen Registers, click here.





Tip: You can also arrange the order of the products and categories as needed by clicking on the arrow icons. This changes the order of the products or category in the Employee Registers screen. 



** If by any chance, the product is not shown in the register, please click here






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