Sending e-Invitations from Guest Portal

Customers can send an electronic invitation to all their guests when they book a party. Here's how they can do it:


  1. Keep in mind you can only send an electronic invite if you already have an event booking. If not, check out our article on how to book an event through the event portal.
  2. Then, go ahead and log in to the Guest Portal page. This is the same portal where your customers can make changes to their accounts.Customer_eInvite_1.png
  3. After that, click on the My Bookings tab to see your current event bookings.Customer_eInvite_2.png
  4. Choose which event you want to manage and click on Send Invitations button.Customer_eInvite_3.png
  5. You can type in a customized message for your guests and click +New Invitation to start sending invites.Customer_eInvite_4.png
  6. Fill out the details needed for the invitation and click on Send Invitation option.Customer_eInvite_5.png
  7. Once sent, your party guest will receive an email invitation. An RSVP link will be provided in the email so they can click on it. Depending on the template, a waiver link will also be provided if needed.Customer_eInvite_6.png
  8. After clicking the RSVP link, they will be routed to a page so they can choose an option whether they will attend the party or not. They will also see the customized message that you set in the party invitation.Customer_eInvite_7.png
  9. Finally, once they select an option, you will be able to see which party guests will be attending when you check your party invitation page again.Customer_eInvite_8.png
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