Allowing Undefined Priced Products to Allow Negative Amounts

There are times when you want to set a product product price to be negative. You may be familiar with using a product with an undefined price. But in special cases like this, enabling the negative amount option would also allow you to adjust the price to have a negative amount. Here's how to do it:

  1. First, you need to create a product in Register Management. Click here for more information about how to create / edit products in Register Management.Negative_Undefined_Price_1.png
  2. Then, go to the Price tab on the product settings. Check the undefined price checkbox and allow the negative undefined price checkbox, and save it.Negative_Undefined_Price_2.png
  3. Now, search for the product in your Employees Register. You don't need to add it permanently to your employee's register if you don't want your employees to see it. Searching for it is sufficient. Otherwise, click here to know more about how to add products to your register.Negative_Undefined_Price_3.png
  4. Once you click the product, it will ask you to key in the price. You can either use your keyboard and click on the negative key ( - ), or you can click on the arrow down or decrease value button on the screen to show the negative sign, and then type in the amount.Negative_Undefined_Price_4.png
  5. After that, it will show the negative amount with a parenthesis "( x )" to indicate that the amount is negative. Click on the "Use" button to add it to the cart.Negative_Undefined_Price_5.png
  6. Next, click on the "Collect" button to proceed to the payment page.Negative_Undefined_Price_6.png
  7. If the transaction amount is negative, the only tender that is acceptable is the Cash tender.Negative_Undefined_Price_7.png
  8. Finally, complete the transaction and the cash amount should be automatically deducted from your cash till after that.Negative_Undefined_Price_8.png
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