Setting up Discount Entitlement in Membership Packages

If you sell memberships at your business, you may want to offer member discounts on various products like food, retail, or other admission products. For example, you may offer 10% off all food and beverage products for your membership customers. Here's how to set that up:

  1. First, you need to create a Discount Entitlement in the Membership Packages module, so that it would take 10% off from products under the food & beverages category. Click here to know more about Discount Entitlements.Membership_Discount_1.png
  2. Next, Assuming that you already have a membership package created, you will need to add this Discount Entitlement to that Yearly Membership Package settings. Click here to know more about setting up Membership Packages.Membership_Discount_2.png
  3. Now, go to Guest Management and sell this Membership Package to one of your customers. Click here to know more about how to sell memberships in Guest Management.Membership_Discount_3.png
  4. Once, the member has the Membership on their account, that member should be able to use the discount.Membership_Discount_4.png
  5. To test it out, sell a product under the Beverages category in the Employees Register and add the member's name to the transaction. Membership_Discount_5.png
  6. Finally, once you add the member's name to the transaction, it will automatically apply the discount to products under the Beverages category before you collect for the payment. It recognizes automatically that this customer has a membership that allows these products to be discounted. Membership_Discount_6.png
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