Creating Membership Packages

Membership Packages are a grouping of entrance entitlements and/or discount entitlements as well as defines rules and limitations of a membership. 

To read more about entrance entitlements, click here.

To read more about discount entitlements, click here.

1. In the Membership Packages module, select the Packages tab.  Then select Add Membership Package.


2. Fill in the Add Membership Package form and select Next.

  • Package Name - Name of the membership package
    Note: It does not accept special characters.
  • Tax Option - Select the appropriate tax rate from the drop-down menu.
  • Sales Start Date - This is the date that the membership package will be available for sale. This field is optional. 
  • Sales End Date - This is the date that the membership package will no longer be available for sale. This field is optional.
  • Sale Price 
  • Renewable Package - Check this box if you want this package to be renewable.
  • Length Type - Select Floating Expiration or Hard Set Expiration.  Hard Set Expiration is a set date when all memberships of this type will expire.  Floating Expiration is based on when the package is sold.  For example, 365 in the membership length means the package will expire 365 days from the date it is sold.
  • Membership Length - The number of days a package is valid for.  When Hard Set Expiration is selected, the Hard Expiration Date will be filled in this field.
  • Renewable Periods - The number of consecutive periods that this package is allowed to be renewed for.
  • Who Can use this Membership? Specified Guest Only or Anyone on the Account 
  • Type of Membership - Select Add on or Membership - Click here for a description.
  • Accounting Code - This is optional but displays on reports for accounting purposes.
  • Renewable Price - This can be the same price as the original package price but oftentimes renewals are discounted for incentives.
  • Sellable - Check sellable to ensure the package is available for sale.  If you want this package to be available for sale on the guest portal, check Sellable through Guest portal.
  • Show Portrait - Enables membership cards to download with either landscape or portrait orientation.
  • Image - You can upload an image for the membership package button and also an image for the membership card background.
  • Age Restriction - This is optional.  You can select an age restriction for this package. For example, if you offer a membership package that is only $10 for ages 2 and under, you can add an age restriction < 3 and the system will only allow this membership package to be sold to a guest less than 3 years old determined by the guest birthdate listed on the account record.



3. Add Membership Entitlements.  You can also delete entitlements on this screen. 


3a.  Select Entrance Entitlements from a drop-down list and select Add Entrance. Repeat this process for each Entrance Entitlement.


3b. Add Discount Entitlements from a drop-down list and select Add Discount. Repeat this process for each Discount Entitlement.


4. Add membership upgrade packages to this membership package. This will allow users to upgrade from this membership package to another membership package at an upgrade price. Select the packages that you want to show as eligible for upgrade and set the price for upgrade to that package. 


5.  Select Submit after adding all the membership entitlements that you need. Take note that discount and upgrade membership entitlement is only optional and your membership package will still function without them.


The membership package will then display in the Add Membership screen when you try and sell them in Guest Management or in Guest Portal if enabled.



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