Validating / Consuming Tickets in Access Control vs Will Call

Tickets can be consumed in both Access Control and Will Call.  Both have the same underlying effect in Aluvii, but the interface is different. The below chart compares and contrasts the difference between the two interfaces to assist you in deciding the best way for you to consume tickets based on your operations and use-cases: 


Function Access Control Will Call
1. Consume Ticket(s) Input (or scan using a barcode reader) an individual ticket's barcode to consume it. Searches ticket per customer's name, email address, last 4 digits, or transaction ID with an option to consume the ticket.
2. Scans Membership ID card(s) Barcode Input (or scan using a barcode reader) a membership ID's barcode to consume it. Not Supported
3. Ticket Scan History Supported Not Supported
4. Portability and mobility Supported. Can be accessed by phone using Access Control App. No phone app but can be accessed on any device that has a Google Chrome browser.
5. Re-print Ticket Not Supported Supported
6. Non-ticketed Sessions Not Supported Supported
7. Attaching waivers to session slots Not Supported Supported
8. Manage and check-in individual session slots Not Supported Supported
9. High volume entrance Recommended Not Recommended


The Access Control module is designed for high volume gate or facility entrances to quickly and efficiently validate the entrance entitlements of your guests and members.  Aluvii's mobile app for access control allows for inexpensive and versatile hardware options. 

The Will Call module, in contrast, is designed for low volume, white glove concierge situations, or troubleshooting issues such as lost tickets.  Will call is also commonly used when a second ticket template (such as a wristband) is needed or to tie waivers to session slots or record individual check-ins for session slots.

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