Assigning Products to Show on Kitchen Display

If you haven't already created a register and added products to the register, go to this article: Creating / Editing Registers

This article will show you how to assign products from the register to be sent to the kitchen display. 

  1. First, we assume that you already created a Kitchen Register. If not, click here to learn more about how to create a kitchen register.Kitchen_Product_1.png

  2. Then, go to Register Management > Registers > Registers and edit which register you want to send items to the kitchen. In this example, the orders will be coming from the Resort Cafe register.Kitchen_Product_2.png

  3. Once you open the register settings, scroll down and find the Add Product section and find any product you want to be sent to the kitchen display.Kitchen_Product_3.png

  4. After that, click the Kitchen Register Name column on that product to assign which kitchen register to send the item to when sold. In this case, the name of the kitchen register is "Food Prep".Kitchen_Product_4.png

  5. Repeat this process for all the other products that you want to send to the kitchen and then click on Save Changes.Kitchen_Product_5.png

  6. Now, this setting is only applicable to the register you edited, in this case, the Resort Cafe register. If you want the products from the other register to show in your kitchen orders, you need to repeat the process for the other registers. Otherwise, only products from the Resort Cafe register will be sent to the kitchen.Kitchen_Product_6.png

  7. Finally, to test it, try selling the product from that register, and it should show in your kitchen orders after completing the transaction. Kitchen_Product_7.pngYou then can click on the Complete Order option in the kitchen order to remove it when you have finished preparing the food and fulfilled the order.Kitchen_Product_8.png



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