Print Previously Purchased Tickets from Kiosk

When customes purchase tickets online, they will receive their tickets in PDF format. But you may require them to get a regular ticket when they arrive at the facility. This feature on the self-service kiosk allows customers to scan their PDF tickets without the help of an employee and print their own regular tickets. Here's how to enable that feature in your self-serving kiosks settings:

  1. You'll edit your Kiosk Register that you've already set up in Register Management > Registers. Go to the Kiosk Settings tab and check the box for Enable Ticket Print. Then click Save Changes. If you are not familiar with configuring the self-service kiosk, click here to learn more.Standalone_Kiosk_Print_Ticket_1.png

  2. With the new setting enabled, go back to the self-service kiosk and refresh the browser page. NOTE: You may need to close and relaunch the Kiosk app.Standalone_Kiosk_Print_Ticket_2.png

  3. Once the customer taps on the screen, they will see a screen where they can click on Print Tickets. If you are not familiar with how to navigate the Kiosk, click here to learn more about the self-service kiosks.Standalone_Kiosk_Print_Ticket_3.png

  4. Next, the screen will ask the customer to scan the barcode of their PDF tickets they got from their online purchase. They can use this option if there's a barcode scanner connected to the Kiosk. Otherwise, they need to click on Manually Type Barcode and they can type the barcode using the onscreen keyboard.Standalone_Kiosk_Print_Ticket_4.png

  5. If they opted to type their barcode, they will need to input the voucher barcode in the space provided and click on the Print button.Standalone_Kiosk_Print_Ticket_5.png

  6. Finally, they can choose to go back to the scanning method by clicking on Scan Barcodes with the scanner button, or go back to the home screen by clicking the I'm Finished button.Standalone_Kiosk_Print_Ticket_6.png

  7. If the customer waits too long to complete the process or otherwise walks away from the kiosk, the kiosk timer will expire and go back to the home screen automatically. 



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