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To add a voucher that can be redeemed through the guest portal or through the Manage Membership activity, you first need to create the voucher source and then create the voucher package.  This is done in the Guest Portal Management activity.  The voucher package is what drives the expiration date of the voucher, as well as what entitlements that voucher package will give to the customer.   For example, if you would like to sell memberships through Groupon or a similar daily deal site, you will need to create a voucher source, a voucher package and then assign that voucher package to a voucher code so that Aluvii will recognize the voucher numbers from Groupon and will add the appropriate membership entitlement automatically.  The voucher numbers can be entered, and the membership entitlements redeemed, by the guest through the Guest Portal or by the employee through the Manage Memberships activity. 

To learn more about membership entitlements click here

1.  First, you need to create the voucher source where you want to sell the membership.  For this example we will use Groupon.  

2.  Choose "Add Voucher Source" from the dropdown. 


3.  Fill out the form with the source name and source description and then click Save.  In this example the source name would be "Groupon" and the source description would be "Groupon daily deals".


4.  Next you will click on the Voucher Package tab and select Add Voucher Package from the dropdown. 


5.  Fill in the required fields in green as well as other necessary fields.  For this example we will assume that the Voucher Package you are selling on Groupon is a season pass to your facility. 

  • Voucher Package Name:  Season Pass
  • Days Voucher Good: This indicates the amount of time from the date the voucher code is generated until the voucher expires.
  • Max Expiration Date of Package: This is the expiration date for the voucher package.  Vouchers redeemed on a voucher package that is expired will not be valid. 
  • Voucher Source: Choose the voucher source "Groupon" which was setup in step 3. 
  • Retail Value of Package: Put the retail value of the package. For this example we'll say $109.99.
  • Cost of Package: Put the cost of this package.  This is for reporting purposes only.  We'll say $0 for this example
  • Description: Put the description of the sale such as "Season Pass $109.99 pre-season Sale"
  • Start Membership on Sale: By checking this box, the membership associated with the voucher will start from the date it is purchase as apposed to the day it is redeemed.  For example, let's say that what you are selling is a 3 month membership to a fun center.  If you check this box, the membership will expire 3 months from the date of purchase as apposed to 3 months from the date the voucher is redeemed. 
  • Active: Check this box to activate. 
  • Deleted: Don't check this box unless you want to delete this Voucher Package
  • Notify these employees: This allows you to notify certain employees that this deal is going out on Groupon so they can prepare for customers coming in with Groupon vouchers. 
  • Voucher package Contents: This is where you would add the membership entitlements. For this example you would click "add membership" and you would choose the season pass membership entitlement.  For information on how to setup membership entitlements click here.
  • Click Save


6.  Next, you will need to go to the voucher tab and assign voucher numbers to the Voucher Package created above.  Assigning voucher numbers to a voucher package can be done in two ways.  1st by generating your own voucher numbers that you will give to the customer through your own distribution channel.  To learn how to generate your own voucher numbers click here.  The second way to assign a voucher number to the voucher package is by bulk uploading voucher numbers given from Groupon or whatever source you are selling the membership through. To learn how to bulk upload voucher numbers click here

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