Register Setup Overview

A register is used to calculate financial transactions and record them.   Registers are assigned to a location, site, and department.  Registers in Aluvii are the display of categories of products available for sale. For example, a Food register may have categories such as beverages, combo meals, healthy food, snacks, etc. with food products in those categories. Employees need permission to assess different registers but employees may have permissions to more than one register.  Multiple employees can use the same Register at the same time.  Their transactions will be tracked separately and associated with their tills even though they are using the same register display.

Registers are often used on computers with receipt printers, card swipes, and cash drawers; however, registers can be used on any computer or mobile device.

In the Register Management Activity, registers can be added, edited, deactivated, or deleted.

Categories, Products, and Registers can be created in any order but it is logical to create categories first, then products, and then registers.  If you do not follow this order, it is fine but you'll need to go back and edit the register.  For example, you can add a register but will not be able to add any products and categories if you don't have any created yet.

Click here to read about adding categories.

Click here to read about adding products.

Click here to read about adding registers.


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