Vouchers Overview

When selling a membership such as a season pass or season parking, often times the customer receives a voucher that can be redeemed at a later date.  These vouchers are often created by third party retailers such as Groupon or Living social.  Vouchers are also great for selling a membership as a gift that can be given to the recipient in the form of a voucher.  Once the voucher is distributed, the customer can bring the voucher in and it can be redeemed through Aluvii which deactivates the voucher and adds the entitlements to the pass.  The voucher numbers can be entered, and the membership entitlements redeemed, by the guest through the Guest Portal or by the employee through the Manage Memberships activity.  The guest can redeem the voucher through the guest portal by clicking on the "Redeem Vouchers" button on the guest portal.  


Vouchers can also be redeemed by an employee by clicking on the vouchers tab in the manage memberships activity.  


Follow the steps and links below to create a voucher in Aluvii.

  1. Add a voucher source and voucher package
  2. Bulk upload vouchers or generate vouchers
  3. Then redeem the voucher


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